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Record Labels Phone Numbers

Record Labels Phone Numbers

How many times have you or your friends had a great piece of lyrics and were unsure about where to go next? The music industry, particularly record labels, sometimes feels like a secret club, a fortress with no contact numbers. Don't be disheartened against this invisible barrier. This article will break down that wall and share insider knowledge on how to find record label phone numbers and what to do once you have them.

Understand What a Record Label Does

Before even thinking about contacting a record label, it's essential to understand what they do. Record labels produce, market, and distribute music. They also manage artists, organize tours, and handle legal issues such as copyright.

Finding Record Labels Phone Numbers

It's frustrating whenever websites hide contact information, but it's common because labels frequently receive large volumes of unsolicited submissions.

Company Websites

The first stop should be the company's website. Sometimes, the contact number will be listed under the 'contact' tab. If not, browse around the site; the information might be hidden among other sections.


Industry directories like music industry registries can be of help. These directories hold a wealth of information from A&R rep contact details to phone numbers for top labels.

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Networking Events

Attending industry networking events or even local gigs can be fruitful. You never know who you might bump into. Ensure to have ready your elevator pitch and business cards.

Approaching Record Labels

Once you have the contact number, the next step is knowing how to approach them. Always remember they are busy people who receive countless pitches everyday.

Pitch Briefly And Precisely

You get one shot to impress. Know what your unique selling point is, and condense that into a short pitch. Keep it under 30 seconds.

Be Professional

Phone etiquette matters. Call during working hours only and always be polite, no matter the call's outcome.

Record Labels Phone Numbers Example:

For instance, Sam, an upcoming songwriter, uses Lyric Assistant to hone his skills. He wanted to pitch his latest track to a renowned record label. After using the tips mentioned above, he eventually found the phone number and prepared a magnetic pitch while maintaining professionalism. Thanks to his efforts, the label loved his work resulting in a mutually beneficial contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need a record label's phone number?

Gathering a record label's phone number can be necessary for music artists seeking to pitch their music, for booking agents trying to organize events, or for anyone wishing to establish a professional connection with the label. It’s also crucial for media inquiries, business proposals, or potential collaboration discussions.

How can I find the most up-to-date phone numbers for record labels?

To ensure you have the most current contact information, it’s best to visit the official websites of the record labels or consult professional music industry directories. Social media profiles or music industry networking events are also good resources for acquiring up-to-date contact details.

Are record labels open to receiving unsolicited calls or demos?

Record label policies on unsolicited calls and demos vary widely. Some are open to discovery of new talent through such means, while others have a strict policy against unsolicited material. It's important to research the specific label's policy beforehand.

Can I contact any record label regardless of the genre of my music?

While you can technically contact any label, it is generally more effective to reach out to labels that specialize in or have a history with your genre of music. This increases the chances of your music aligning with the label’s interests.

What should I include in my initial phone call to a record label?

Initial calls should be concise and professional. Introduce yourself, briefly describe your music or purpose of your call, and inquire about the appropriate next steps for submitting your work or information. Always ask if it's a good time to talk or if you should call back later.

Is it better to call a record label or to send an email?

It depends on the label's preferred contact method. Many labels now opt for digital communications for initial contact, but calling can add a personal touch. Check the label's contact policy on their website to determine the best approach.

Should I expect to speak directly with an A&R representative when I call a record label?

It's unlikely that you will be connected directly to an A&R representative on a cold call due to their busy schedules. A receptionist or assistant will likely address initial inquiries and direct your call or provide instructions on how to submit your material.

What are the best times to call a record label?

Business hours vary by label and region, but typically, calling during weekday business hours – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time of the label's headquarters – increases your chances of speaking with someone. Avoid calling during lunchtimes and outside of business hours.

How can I prepare for a call with a record label?

Prepare a brief pitch that outlines who you are, what you do, and what you're looking for from the label. Have your portfolio or samples ready in case you are asked to send something immediately. Research the label and the person you might be speaking with to tailor your approach.

What if a record label does not answer my call?

If a label doesn’t answer, try to leave a voicemail with your contact information and the purpose of your call. Be brief and professional. Follow up with an email if possible, stating that you attempted to call and would appreciate a callback at their convenience.

Can calling a record label directly increase my chances of getting signed?

Direct calls to record labels can convey initiative and seriousness, but they do not guarantee a signing. Signing decisions are based on numerous factors including talent, market potential, and the current needs of the label.

How should I address rejection or lack of response from a record label?

Rejection or non-response is a common part of the music industry. Stay professional and keep networking and improving your craft. Sometimes following up or trying a different contact method can yield better results, but always be respectful of the label's time and procedures.

What information should I have ready before calling a record label?

Before calling, have your artist bio, a clear description of your music style, any notable achievements or experience, and specific questions or requests you have for the label. If applicable, have a pitch for your project or music ready.

What are common mistakes to avoid when calling a record label?

Avoid being too casual or unprofessional, providing lengthy and unfocused information, calling multiple times in a row, and not respecting the label's submission policy. You should also avoid making demands or presenting unrealistic expectations.

How persistent should I be when trying to contact a record label?

While persistence can sometimes pay off, it’s important to balance it with respect for the label's time and process. Wait a reasonable amount of time after your initial contact attempt before following up. Multiple follow-ups within a short period can be perceived as pushy and may work against you.

What should I do if I'm directed to send an email after calling a record label?

If instructed to send an email, prepare a clear, concise, and professional email that includes all the necessary information and materials, as per the label's request or submission guidelines. Follow any format or content instructions provided during your phone call precisely.

Are there alternatives to calling a record label to get noticed?

Yes, networking in person at industry events, building a strong online presence through social media and music platforms, and having a robust and engaged fan base can also attract interest from record labels without direct phone calls.

Can I hire someone to contact record labels on my behalf?

Many artists choose to work with managers, agents, or music publicists who have established industry contacts and can reach out to record labels professionaly. This can often be more effective than contacting labels directly as a lesser-known artist.

Should I be wary of any record labels that require payments in order to consider my music?

Generally, legitimate record labels do not require payments from artists for consideration or signing. Be cautious of any label that requests money for these purposes, as it could be a sign of a scam.

What resources can help improve my chances of successfully contacting a record label?

Resources such as music industry books, mentorship from experienced professionals, online courses on music marketing, and joining artist communities can provide guidance and best practices for effectively contacting and working with record labels.

What do I need to know about the etiquette of calling a record label?

Respect the label's time, be brief and to the point, clearly state your purpose, use polite language, and always follow any instructions you're given for contacting or submitting materials. Building a reputation for professionalism can help foster positive relationships in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to track down record label phone numbers and start making those career-changing calls. If you found this article beneficial, please share it with other potential musicians. And don't forget, writing perfect lyrics is made easy with Lyric Assistant. So, pitch your hearts out, and the world will eventually take notice. For more guides and tips, stay tuned to our blog.

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